Why the TAI-Rubber game came out for good on our fishing trips? Because fits in the temperament of the Greek fisherman is the answer. With light equipment we test our luck. The fish are there, and we approach it with a different "arsenal" by other techniques. Υou have read and seen a lot. I won't try to fix nor do as colleagues. In our boat we are dominant and the tests are like spots that we seek without the "information". Give us life ...

Pass on a few Tips to become better if you want because we believe that the fishing is inexhaustible and if you gather the informations and if you are smart the "thread" has terminated.

1. If your depth is up to 50 meters the skin  will not be dislodged more than 1.5-2 meters from the head and after the conditions of currents etc. are favorable. Don't forget that in this technique we can fish and "angled" something that helps to control currents. Also in deepest potential maybe we do not want large distances of skins from the head because you will not not perceive the "attacks". You simply "hold" the braid. Is the perception of what is happening in the deep.

2. Watch the smooth flow of the rig from the slots of the head. If you tie the strand of skin directly into your fluorocarbon watch the knot passes freely from the head. Try to tie in a small solid ring at the  thread of skin, skip the fluorocarbon within the head and fasten into solid link. So the thread of skin stays off the head excluding unwanted obstacles in the flow.

3. You don't have to put on skins large and heavy hooks. All must go hand in hand with each other. Just watch the hooks to be quality and above all light. Change the hooks after 1-2 capturing of preys. It's important.

4. Divide your action in this technique in pieces.
-Explore your positioning your depth finder. Control flows.
-The head is on the bottom. Point skin wait. Check your braid . Don't forget the skin is the bait.
-If you don't get a hit soon (how soon is subjective) gather with your reel the skin closer to the head .It's possible to get a hit then.
-If the standby let you to upload the head upwards do it slowly . It'possible to get a hit at uploading.
-It is important to have a sense of the braid with the tip of the rod because you perceive more easily when the fishes "interested" before they hit.

5. Experiment with the depths and currents. Completely changes the behavior. Don't forget is maybe the only technique that your lure is fishing easily & quickly very close to the bottom or to the bottom.

6. On strike you don't need sudden movements. Let the thin set of your equipment to take you on a drive that is not related to the jigging in power, but what we need "technical strike" without it we risk losing fish but also piece of our equipment.

7. We use  a strip of squid or cuttlefish like bait  when seeing that the preys do not eat and never at the beginning of our effort and always  we put it on the short hook of assist.

8. Braid pls work if you have the possibility of qualitative and not over PE # 1 depending on the brand. The translation in diameter says 0.12-0,16mm and quality means less water absorption and circular. Fluorocarbon depending on the diameter of the braid x 2  is good.

9. Up to 50 meters deep heads 50-80 gr is good. For more depths you can use ,without excesees, up to 100 gr . It's enough good.

10. Regardless you making your own skins or buy ready skins from the market have a look  for an excellent bondage and all the set along with the hooks must gives you confidence.

11. If you ask us if the color of the heads playing a role we will tell you that depending on the circumstances Yes.  For example  the Orange, Green and deep Red colors are must for us. Not always effectively in us at least are the shiny, gold and silver colors.

We don't know if we gave you something with this article. Please  know that if you want to become good at the technique should give time to yourself as with any technique, indeed.

If you want to see all the products for the technique you will find  them here

Spend your time well

Achilles Vounatsos