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Brand: YOZURI Model: S2805056
From Yozuri the new colors in the series Crystal Minnow and in the submersible version... Yozuri gave this series even more vivid features that will give you many successes.Lifelike eyes, colors particularly attractive for our own waters, amazing cruising and detailed glowing body that causes the m..
Brand: YOZURI Model: S2805175
Classic popper from Yozuri...Who works many many years with excellent results.Several colorsWeight 25gr..
Squid Jig Yozuri Aurie Q #3.0
Out Of Stock
Brand: YOZURI Model: S35050930
The body of the jig, it emits light when exposed to sunlight.Distinctively yellow stripe and inner dots Rolling swivel tying eye Lead in curved. Fluorescent eye as live baitLengh  9cm   ..
Squid Jig Yozuri AURIE Q Cloth 3.5
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Brand: YOZURI Model: S3505099
The refresh AURIE Q Cloth from Yozuri is here to support you at your fishing Egging.Aurie Q Cloth is an Excellent squid jig, it features a rolling swivel and attractive phosphor look, a lead that prevents the scaffolding and the original YOZURI trick hook for sure success.Weight : 19grDiving Spe..
Squid Jig Yozuri Aurie Q-RS #3.5
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Brand: YOZURI Model: S35051035
From Yozuri a squid jig with many successesImproved movementRolling Shaft SystemStrong Japanese hooksColors with UV or Glow BodyLengh 10,5cmWeight 21gr..
Brand: YOZURI Model: S3505110
The Yo-Zuri Ultra Cloth Wrapped, has been developed using the finest raw materials and is considered a classic. This squid jig has definetely been tried at some point in time by all anglers around the world.Luminus  body , Glowing eyes ,Excellent classic colors & size SS is 6,5cm..
Squid Jig Yozuri Ultra DX S
Out Of Stock
Brand: YOZURI Model: S3505141
You will have success with this squid jig from Yozuri. Fluorescent eye as live bait attracts more squid. Durable body for fishing in deeper waters that is not deformed and not destroyed.Special cloth made of iridescent thread, Luminous body Attracts squid even without movemen..
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