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Brand: YGK Model: S3058937
Excellent braid from the Japanese Yozami designed for Egi technique... Egi Metal IKA is 4X but highly durable and of good quality yarn. With ideal sensitivity.It changes color every 10m with spotted in between. You can use it from the boat. 150m a very good choice for the fishing of squid & ..
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Brand: YGK Model: S3058916
Excellent braid from the Japanese Yozami to 300m multicolor. YGK G-Soul is 8X. It is colorful ,with change of color every 10m.It is extremely strong in the knot. A very powerful and quality choice for all techniques...
Braid YGK G-Soul Upgrade PE
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Brand: YGK Model: S3058926
YGK G-soul X8 upgrade line has the most advanced material braided by the most advanced technology to offer great line It has smooth surface and the smallest line diameter. It employs the most advanced filament, Ultra 2 PE, to achieve about 40% more maximum strength compared to standard spectra ..
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Brand: YGK Model: S305801
From the Japanese YGK one of the best fishing lines Fluorocarbon. High quality made with special treatment of 5th coating fluorocarbon which makes it invisible in water. An accomplished product tested in all conditions. ..
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Brand: YGK Model: S3058031
From the Japanese YGK a strong Fluorocarbon fishing line... High invisibility in the water. Great strength and resistance to the knot at a very good price in "smart" spools of 100m..
from 7.10€
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