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Lure Little Jack SAYORIS Z

Lure Little Jack SAYORIS Z

The very popular Sayoris by Little Jack has improved...

  • There is no more successful sinking Pencil artificial imitation billfish than Sayoris.

  • Fishermen both in Greece and abroad have entrusted the particular artificial with excellent results.

  • The new Sayoris-Z has been further improved in cruising and water balance.

  • Resin has been added to the inner wire resulting stability in recovery and even more convincing movement.

  • His shot is seamlessly good.

  • The Sayoris Z at 9, 9cm has a weight of 13 gr & 13, 3cm has weight 29gr 

Material Hard Baits
Lure Type Sinking
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  • Product Code:: LJAC-Z

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