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Brand: STONFO Model: S380401
Bait clip, device to secure bait during cast. In conditions where  we need long cast and big length of our rig.Size 1: For Line Diameter from 0,15mm to 0,35mm  & Size 2: For Line Diameter from 0,40mm to 0,60mm..
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Brand: STONFO Model: S3804232
A quality bait needle from Stonfo with hook support.You will find available the thinner one with length 12cm & 20cm and Φ 0,6mm and the fatest one with length 12cm & 20cm and Φ 1.0mm.Blister with 2pcs...
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Bait Tray Jolly Stonfo ART.568
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Brand: STONFO Model: S380491568
From Stonfo a bait station designed to meet the many needs of fisherman. Its structure in durable plastic is perfectly rounded and has no sharp edges. The compartment can hold various bait boxes or tools in a stable position. Other important features make this bait tray a well equipped working..
Brand: STONFO Model: S3804209
Soft pouches with antiskid grip. Suitables for Xseries and ProMatch catapults. Supplied with 2 cable ties...
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Brand: STONFO Model: S38042040
Catapult designed for precise casting at long and medium distance. Very strong frame and special soft grip pouch. Spare elastics included...
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Brand: STONFO Model: S38042035
Competition catapults with soft touch handle. Allow maximum precision with a minimum quantity of bait. Equipped with elastic saving Ptfe bushes. Available in 2 different sizes ...
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Brand: STONFO Model: S990403518
Instant cyanoacrylate rig glue suitable for: joining nylon, fluorocarbon and braided line,mounting beads on the line, fixing connectors and bushes on the tips, strengthening knots, tying flies and tube flies . Bottle with very accurate applicator. Perishable product store in the fridge. The bo..
Brand: STONFO Model: TK09790
Fast connector beads for a quick change of the rig from the main line. They have a hole for the rig and one transversal cut where insert, with a certain pressure, the main line. Their special shape facilitates the put and release operation. Produced with clear strong material. Available in 3 ..
Brand: STONFO Model: S38040239
From Italian Stonfo coniform rubber tails. Suitable for surf-casting and carp-fishing to avoid tangles. Available in three different sizes...
Disgorger Stonfo Art 332
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Brand: STONFO Model: S380413321
“Big” disgorgers, ideal for  big fish.Strong and easy to use...
Brand: STONFO Model: S38041329
From Stonfo high quality disgorgers with anatomic handle.Available in 2 sizes...
Brand: STONFO Model: S3804123
Double bore beads. Not crossing bores.Size Ø mm 2.0: Ø main line max 0.35 mm - Ø rig max 0.25 mm.Size Ø mm 2.6: Ø main line max 0.40 mm - Ø rig max 0.30 mm...
Brand: STONFO Model: S38042029
Replacement elastics for catapults Stonfo.Ideal for Promatch & X-Series two sizes...
Brand: STONFO Model: S3804863
Baits elastic line, transparent and very thin, it is excellent to tie the most delicate baits on the hook. Supplied in a special bigger bobbin to protect it from light and dirt and make its use easier. Art 370 is the thinner one available in 120m & Art 371 is the fatest one available in 60m...
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Brand: STONFO Model: TK0940005
Light model Fast connector and anti-tangle bead for a quick change of the rig. Rotating freedom and derivation tube reduce any possibility of entanglement...
Brand: STONFO Model: S380402550
From Stonfo Float-line connector with swivel and snap for wagglers.Supplied with special locking tubes. Rotating freedom reduces any possibility of entanglement...
Brand: STONFO Model: S380402360
From Italian Stonfo attachment  for float, to be used for smooth running. Equipped with a self lubricating rotating smooth bead for sure casting without problems.You can use line diameter up to 0,23mm..
Brand: STONFO Model: S7004012
Ultralight foam available in three different sizes in white, red and yellow colours. Ideal for popping up various types of bait improving their visibility. Colours: white - red - yellow. 6 per bag..
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Hook Tyer Stonfo Art 448
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Brand: STONFO Model: S3804139
Device with soft touch handle for tying fishing hook to the line. Produced in two different sizes: the small one is specially designed for very small hook sizes from nr.14 to 28, the big one is suitable for hook sizes from nr.6 to 18. Supplied with full instructions...
Lead Clip Maxi Stonfo Art 437
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Brand: STONFO Model: S380402370
From Stonfo Lead Clips including coniform rubber tails and swivels.Use it when you are fishing to difficult sea beds like a sinker liberator...
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