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Brand: JATSUI Model: KAL-D46006
From  JATSUI PITTON is an extraordinary artificial that will not resist any prey. It belongs to the category LIPLESS Vibrant without tongue with thin and long body.His unique movements mimic the movements of a wounded fish comfortably.It is ideal for spinning and for trolling from your boat.Wor..
With Refraction from Jatsui you will make a very good choice for draught 10-50cm from the surface... By cruising an injured fish you will attract a lot of prey.With action just below the surface. With lifelike colors and rigged with 3 excellent treble hooks from the VMC serie 9649. Best value for..
Brand: JATSUI Model: KAL-JSWLL180
Very  good long Jerk Minnow from Jatsui with excellent value for money... An artificial surface with many successes in our waters. Excellent Rolling movement and amazing shot as it has internal weight-moving marbles. He's wearing three quality treble hooks VMC Serie 9626.You will find it in ..
Brand: JATSUI Model: KAL-JSWL-145
The smallest version of the SW LL from Jatsui will give you excellent Spinning experiences...It has the same aerodynamics as its bigger for throws which -with a technical shot- will reach up to 60m -since it has internal ballers of removable weight. SWL is moving from 50 to 80cm from the surface. ..
Brand: JATSUI Model: KAL-D46005
From Jatsui an excellent mini Jerk.The particular silhouette and the fixed sealing make this mini jerk a deadly lure for small and medium-sized predators. The behavior in water is lively, sinuous and ready for every strain of the barrelResponding promptly with lightning-fast lateral escapes. The min..
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