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Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S7049413
Nice float from Grauvell for your Pole FishingVery sensitive and stabilize at the water.Available 2 models with differnt balance weight..
Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S274951335
From Grauvell sardine oil.In thickened form, for more intense smell & taste.Pack : 0,5lt ..
Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S26493318
Excellent ending....This Jig from Grauvell will help you to do what you know best on JiggingWeight 180gr..
Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S2649550
Strong JighHead from Grauvell...Realistic head and eyesColor Nickel BlueHooks No2/0 for 21gr and No 3/0 for 28gr..
Primus Chair
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Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S382285200
From Primus comfortable director's chair to enjoy your fishing at the beach or the ports.Lightweight easily folded with small transport size. It is constructed of strong Φ17mm steel frame and durable thick fabric with reinforced side seams of the bottom seat. The parts that the fabric is strain..
Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S604981
Sinker from GRAUVELLSolid sinker for SurfcastingAvailable in 120gr-150gr..
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