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Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S7049413
Nice float from Grauvell for your Pole FishingVery sensitive and stabilize at the water.Available 2 models with differnt balance weight..
Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S374901308
From Grauvell alouminium hand torch.With twelve strong UV Led.Activating phosphorus artificial baits. Powered by three AAA batteries (included)...
Grauvell chair SILLA FISHER
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Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S384955170
From Grauvell comfortable director's chair to enjoy your fishing at the beach or the ports.Strong construction.With a place for glass.The chair comes with transportation shealth...
Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S274951335
From Grauvell sardine oil.In thickened form, for more intense smell & taste.Pack : 0,5lt ..
Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S26493318
Excellent ending....This Jig from Grauvell will help you to do what you know best on JiggingWeight 180gr..
JigHead Grauvell Jinza RX
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Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S26495409
JigHead from Grauvell..Enhanced hookHook No 1/0 for 5 & 8 & 12gr - No 3/0 for 15 & 21gr..
Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S2649550
Strong JighHead from Grauvell...Realistic head and eyesColor Nickel BlueHooks No2/0 for 21gr and No 3/0 for 28gr..
Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S2649560
Strong JigHead from Grauvell ...Realistic  head and eyeHooks  No2 for 7gr -No1/0 for 10gr-No2/0 for 14gr -No 4/0 for 21gr..
Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S384901135
From Grauvell hard Rod Case Tube type.Hard zipped tube, PVC inside (600 Deniard - Nylon/Cordura).For boat rods with length maximum 2,10m.The diameter is 8cm...
Rod Case Grauvell VERTIX  9165
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Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S384901244
Hard rod case from cordura 600 Den Nylon. Reinforced PVC inner and resistant zipper along the tube. It features a shoulder strap and practical carrying handle...
Brand: GRAUVELL Model: S604981
Sinker from GRAUVELLSolid sinker for SurfcastingAvailable in 120gr-150gr..
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