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Brand: DUEL Model: ME795003
From the Duel excellent Japanese lure for Spinning... Floating. Dynamic shots for the sake of the "Magnet Weight", internal system patent of Duel which gives you maximum shot up to 75m Depth maximum 60cm.It comes with 3 Japanese treble hooks. ..
Brand: DUEL Model: S35051330
From Duel an excellent squid jig that prevents tangles and gives a natural movement.....Squid Jig in small fish-shaped and natural movement With colors and UV Glow Eye Flash UV needles and stainless swivel RollingLengh 8cm..
Brand: DUEL Model: S3505081
Strong squid from DUEL. It is based on the international patent Patapata Feet.The sinking is relatively fast. The weight is ergonomically designed for optimum balance in the sea bed. The navigation is wavy. The model #2.5 has 5sec immersion per metre and weight 10gr. The model #3.5 has immersion..
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